Studio 1&2

Studios 1 and 2 are built symmetrically and in similar shape across the machine room. The maximum ceiling height is 6 m, and the main space (in which full-band recording is possible), plus five large booths, are arranged as a cluster around the control room. The main console is a model 8872 by AMS Neve, of the U.K. The sound produced by this system is clear and impactful, and therefore it's highly appreciated worldwide. This all-in-one recording studio provides an excellent recording environment.
Sony Music Studios provides rooms with bathrooms, kitchens and refrigerators, so that the artists can complete their work without having to leave the studio. Other comfort features include sofas, TVs and audio systems. An audio line connects the artist's room to the studio, so that the music being recorded in the studio can be monitored and played back in the artist's room.

Studio 1&2

■ The booth sizes are shown below:

[Studio 1: 60 ㎡ floor area / 6 m ceiling] [Booth 1: 10 ㎡ floor area / 4 m ceiling] [Booth 2: 20 ㎡ floor area / 6 m ceiling]
[Booth 3:  10 ㎡ floor area / 4 m ceiling] [Booth 4: 20 ㎡ floor area / 6 m ceiling] [Booth 5: 10 ㎡ floor area / 6 m ceiling]

studio1&2 floor plan