Studio 4

We use the top-end analog console SSL 9072J by Solid State Logic, of the U.K. This model is used in studios around the world as a professional console for music production. The studio is ideally sized for mixing, and as with Studio 3, has a booth with a 6 m ceiling and 20 ㎡ of space for vocal and instrument dubbing.
The recording booth for Studio 4 is located on the left side of the control room. Its dimensions are identical to those of Studio 3, featuring 20 ㎡ of floor area and a 6 m ceiling.
As with the other rooms, the artist room for Studio 4 comes complete with a bathroom, kitchen and refrigerator so that the artists can focus on their musical creativity to their heart’s content.

Studio 4

■ The booth sizes are shown below:

[Studio 4 booth: 20 ㎡ floor area / 6 m ceiling] Located on the left side of the control room.

studio 1 & 2 floor plan