Studio 5

The main console features the Neve 8872RS analog console by the UK company AMS Neve. The Neve 8872RS console, the successor of the Neve 8872R console of Studio 1,2 and 3, features several brand new functions in addition to the traditional “Neve Sound”. As with the other studios, there is a 20 ㎡ booth with a 6 m ceiling for vocal and instrument dubbing. A Stewart audio-transmitting 80" screen, five large front and rear monitors and two subwoofers are provided to answer a wide variety of needs with two dubbing/mix down channels, 5.1-channel surround sound and a multi-audio environment.
The recording booth for Studio 5 is located on the right side of the control room between the control room and lobby, making it accessible from the lobby. It's as big as the booths for Studios 3 and 4, with a 20 ㎡ booth area and a 6 m ceiling.
The wide, spacious door at the back of the lobby on the left opens to the artist room for Studio 5.

Studio 5

■ The booth sizes are shown below:

[Studio 5 booth: 20 ㎡ floor area / 6 m ceiling] Located on the right side of the control room and also accessible from the lobby.

studio 1 & 2 floor plan.